Brevard Express

Are you planning for a family trip or a business trip to North Carolina? Have you planned everything and are looking out for a very decent place to stay? Think about Brevard Express. Situated in North Carolina, Brevard Express is the right holiday hotel that for a very reasonable price. Brevard Express is very convenient and a practical place thatcaters to short family stays or even business travelers. Targeting upper economy market, Brevard Express offers amazing service for a very low-price lodging. Some of the features that make Brevard Express the most sort after hotel are listed below.


Pleasant Stay

At Brevard Express, we offer a very pleasant stay for all our customers as we believe that customers who travel from far need a peaceful night’s sleep after a hectic travel all the way from their hometown. We completely understand the importance of sleep and with a wide choice of firm or soft pillows and very comfy bed, one is bound to wake up being refreshed and well energized. One will never know whether he is sleeping at home or a hotel. All the sheets and pillow covers are changed every day. We also are environmentally conscious and hence we give the option to customers who stay for more than a day to choose whether or not to change the sheets and pillow covers for a two day stay.


Recharging station

We at Brevard Express, provide an array of food for breakfast as complimentary. We believe that the fuel for a body is as important as the rest one took the previous night. Hence, we provide a wide variety of cereals, and breakfast options that are healthy and yet go in with the vacation or official mode. After a good sleep, one has to wake up to the fresh aroma of hot coffee to get back to senses. At Brevard Express, we provide coffee maker with tea and gourmet coffee in every room and also hot and fresh coffee at the breakfast lobby most of the day. For business meetings or even meeting up friends in the lobby, having hot coffee or a lemon tea at the lobby is bound to make the conversation interesting.




AtBrevard Express, we provide a gym for all the health-conscious customers, a pool that is fun especially during summers and of course a free Wi-Fi. Every room is given a massage shower that is sure to wake your senses up. Not only that each room contains a microwave, a refrigerator and a television. We have everybody in mind right from business heads to little tots and have accessorized each room with care. Brevard Express also provides a desk and a chair in each room for the use of laptops or iPad. For beauty, we provide a full-size mirror, a hair dryer as an add-on. The bathroom has enough towels that are fresh and we also provide a soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. Apart from all this a small drying rack for wet towels and an ironing board is also provided.

Rooms at Brevard Express, are twin size, queen size or a double queen and king size. We also provide suites for bigger groups. So, if you are coming with a big crew, choose our bigger rooms and enjoy the fun together. Each and every room has its own specialty, but all rooms have the same amenities described above. There might be one or more amenities based on the room selected.

The staff and cooks at Brevard Express are very friendly and cater to all the needs of the customers. Right from the reception staff to the housekeeping staff everybody works towards the betterment of the customer’s stay. With fresh meals for breakfast every day, one can never miss home cooked meal in North Carolina. The variety of food is sure to please customers who are vegan, vegetarian or gluten sensitive. The entire hotel is kept free of dust by our house keeping staff who not only clean and tidy the customer’s room but also take care of the cleanliness of the lobby. At Brevard Express, you check in, have rest, get up in the morning and have coffee and breakfast and off you go for official meetings or family fun trip wherever you need to go. You can also check our airbnb boat rental.

Huge discounts are available when booked online. We also book through just a phone call and make the entire stay hassle free. By offering rewards card, we encourage you to come visit Brevard Express whenever you feel like for your next stay. At the lobby, we also provide pamphlets of places you can see at North Carolina. This can give you an idea to see the best places in and around North Carolina. Based on the seasons and holiday our staff bring in the holiday mood and surprise our guests with the season’s greetings. Our staff is always available be it during your check in or check out or even providing you with necessary essentials that you missed bringing for your trip.

With online booking and huge discounts, our rewards options and hospitality is sure to make you come back again and again. The specialty of this chain hotel, Brevard Express, is the friendly staff, amazing amenities and on top of it, a very comfortable room that can make your stay a memorable one and make you want to come always to Brevard Express.